06 July 2021 22:52

2021.01 Science for Safety and Sustainable Development of Ukraine

Purpose of the call – funding of the best scientific projects aimed at solving current problems of human and social security in Ukraine.

Competitive selection is carried out in accordance with the Procedure for competitive selection and financing by the National Research Foundation of projects for the implementation of research and development, approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of December 27, 2019. 1170.

Thematic areas of the call – call of collective projects in the areas of research related to health, biological, environmental, food security, information and social security, responding to challenges in natural and man-made emergencies, overcoming the medical, biological, psychological and social consequences of COVID-19 pandemic and related legal issues.

Types of projects by deadlines:

  1. projects with a deadline of 2022-2023
  2. projects with a deadline of 2022-2024

The total amount of funding for the call in 2022 is up to UAH 150 million UAH.

Maximum total funding for one project:

  • with a deadline of 2022-2023 – UAH 6,5 million. (UAH 3 million in 2022  and UAH 3,5 million in  2023);
  • with a deadline of 2022-2024. – UAH  10 million. (UAH  3 million. In 2022, UAH  3,5 million in 2023 and UAH 3,5 million in 2024 );

The total amount of funding for the Call – UAH 500 million UAH.

Date and time of the beginning of submission of applications:14.07.2021, 00:01:Kyiv time

Date and time of completion of applications: 12.08.2021, 23:59 Kyiv time

Conducting scientific and technical expertise and summing up the call: up to 01.12.2021.

Rules applied for this competition and details of the call may be found here.