31 December 2023 00:26

2023.05 “Infrastructures for advanced research”

The purpose of the Call is to select projects for grant support for basic and applied research to ensure the development of the national research area and its integration into the global research area, the development of research infrastructure as a set of tools, resources and related services used by the scientific community to conduct research at the highest level, in particular to create new and support existing research units, their network structures, centers of excellence, and their network structures, collective use centers, archives and/or libraries of scientific information, etc. which, as a result of such projects, can achieve the possibility of stable funding on terms that will allow them to organize independent work on scientific research at the level of the best world standards.

The projects to be funded by this Call should be carried out by the most active, promising, and productive scientists who have:

(1) significant experience in conducting basic and applied research in various fields of science; 

(2) the ability and motivation to work according to the best international standards, as well as to create and develop leading research teams.

The Call is also aimed at solving the following unique tasks: 

(1) creation, functioning and ensuring the development of infrastructure centers for solving multidisciplinary problems;

(2) involvement of commercial structures for the implementation of knowledge-intensive products;

(3) avoiding fragmentation of research and duplicative use of funds;

(4) combining complementary expertise;

(5) preparing the support base for leading teams of Ukrainian scientists, as well as raising their scientific rating to the highest international standards for their further participation in the most prestigious European and global calls for research projects;

(6) preparing the support base of leading teams of Ukrainian scientists, as well as improving their scientific and administrative competence in order to create state key laboratories in the future;

(7) consolidation of research communities around leading teams.

Project topics must correspond at least one of the priority areas of science and technology development (in accordance with Article 3 of the Law of Ukraine “On Priority Areas of Science and Technology Development”). The application for grant support  submitted to the Call must correspond one of the following thematic areas:

  1. Basic research in the field of natural sciences and mathematics.
  2. Basic research in the field of life sciences.
  3. Applied research aimed at creating technologies (including IT) and products based on the latest achievements of basic research.
  4. Fundamental socio-humanitarian research on the most urgent challenges of our time. 
  5. Multidisciplinary research.

The terms and conditions of the Call are available at: Infrastructures for advanced research