20 December 2022 20:35

2022.01 Science for the Recovery of Ukraine in the War and Post-War Periods


12/20/2022 The National Research Foundation of Ukraine announced a new call for research and development projects ‘Science for the Recovery of Ukraine in the War and Post-War Periods’!

The purpose of the call is to finance collective research projects aimed at solving urgent issues of recovery of Ukraine in the war and post-war periods.

The call is carried out in areas related to the implementation of applied research and developments aimed at restoring the production of goods and services or bringing Ukraine to a new level of competitiveness (including in the space industry), developing new technologies and creating new materials for the restoration of industrial production, solving environmental problems that arose as a result of military operations, overcoming public health disorders caused by the war, solving food and energy security issues, solving acute social issues, comprehensive rehabilitation of various population groups associated with war injuries, strengthening the protection of facilities critical infrastructure (including in the context of cyber security), preservation of cultural heritage (namely, restoration, reconstruction, conservation of cultural monuments, digitization, etc.) that suffered as a result of military operations and/or occupation.

Application deadline: from December 22, 2022, 00:01 to January 31, 2023, 23:59 (Kyiv time).

To get acquainted with the Terms and Conditions of the Call please follow the link.

Email for inquiries: natsci.2022.01@nrfu.org.ua