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Evaluation of Applications

After the Call Commission of the Foundation addresses you via e-mail with a request for project evaluation you will be able to get acquainted with the offered projects in the section “Applications for the evaluation”.  We will ask for confirmation:

  • of your consent on project evaluation;
  • to comply with scientific ethical principles;
  • not to disclose, disseminate or transmit the information;
  • of the absence of the conflict of interests

after a short description of each project. In case you refuse to evaluate the project or have a conflict of interest regarding the proposed project we ask you to indicate above by the comment and push the “Refuse” button.

Check notifications in your personal profile and in case of your consent to evaluate the proposed projects, please fill out, sign and upload scanned copies of the following documents:

  •  Non-Disclosure Commitments (Download Template);
  •  Declaration on Compliance with the Principles of Scientific Ethics and Prevention of Conflict of Interests (Download Template).
  • Statement on the presence/absence of a conflict of interests (please, additionally send on e-mail correspondence@nrfu.org.ua for all evaluated projects) (Download Template).

Also please upload a scanned copy of the document on awarding the scientific degree. Add each document in PDF format separately and push the “Submit” button (see example).

IMPORTANT! In case you have difficulties uploading required documents push the “Submit” button without adding documents. You can send the required documents by e-mail on correspondence@nrfu.org.ua. The moderator will send you permission about the project evaluation in your personal profile as soon as possible.

After approving your status by the moderator the evaluation form and complete text of the project will be available in the section “Applications for the evaluation”. Call Commission may contact the expert using comments at the bottom of the evaluation form after its submission.

Please find more information about the evaluation algorithm in the guide for expert evaluation.