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Personal proposals



Raymond L. Orbach

Professor – Modified Service, The University of Texas at Austin, USA.


My theoretical and experimental research is focused on nonlinear dynamical systems, using spin glasses as a particular example, but with relevance to structural glasses and super cooled liquids.  Examples are universal properties such as rejuvenation and memory. Utilizing a Super Conducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID), we probe both static and dynamical properties of complex magnetic systems.  I work with the Janus II mathematical simulation group to illuminate non-equilibrium properties of spin glasses, using the spin glass correlation length to develop scaling laws in the vicinity of the condensation temperature.  In addition, we grow multilayer thin films with an automated sputtering system for the study of dimensional effects on the dynamical properties of magnetic systems in less than three dimensions.  Working with the experimental group at the University of Minnesota, we use measurements of the 1/f noise in electrical resistance measurements to extract the nature of the thermal barriers that govern the dynamical properties of spin glasses.  Finally, working with the experimental group at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, dynamics in the vicinity of the spin glass condensation temperature are explored in the context of newly developed scaling laws based on correlation lengths rather than temperature differentials.