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NFDU online briefing on the results of the first competitions of scientific projects (November 24, 2020)

Interview with Olga Polotska, Executive Director of NRFU, about grant opportunities for scientists (Development Center “Time of Change”)


Covid-19 tests and vaccine. Developments of Ukrainians against coronavirus



Головна The patient is alive rather than dead. Is it possible to “cure” Ukrainian science in one year?

Ukraine will develop its own vaccine against COVID-19. The Lviv scientist won a grant of 10 million hryvnias

The National Research Foundation has developed as an institution

10 achievements of Ukrainian scientists in 2020: tests for COVID-19, nanoaniseptic, radio telescope and garden protection

The National Research Foundation of Ukraine: 216 grant agreements have been concluded

A Great Launch: an interview with Olga Polotska, the Executive Director of the National Research Foundation of Ukraine

The way of Ukrainian cooperation with the National Centre for Research and Development (Poland). Knowledge exchange and joint initiatives

Academician Leonid Yatsenko, Chairman of the NRFU: “The only criterion is the weight of the work and the result obtained”

A new method against covid: scientists are studying the possibilities of stem cells in the treatment of severe coronavirus pneumonia

Olga Polotska, Executive Director of the NRFU : “Investments in science give a cumulative effect of the country’s development”

We, the scientists are the ones to fight for the better fate of science

The work of the National Research Foundation of Ukraine will be discussed in June

Ukrainian Research Foundation Financed Development Of 2 Vaccines Against Coronavirus, 3rd Financed By Business – Deputy Health Minister Liashko

Ukrainian Research Foundation, business finance development of 3 COVID vaccines

Academician Andriy Sybirny: Ukrainian vaccine against coronavirus may appear in a year or two

Ukrainian developers of COVID-vaccine will have a sample for testing by the end of the year – Komisarenko

Professor Dosenko: COVID-19 vaccine does not change DNA, vaccinations are best done with the same drug

The independence of the National Research Foundation must be preserved

Microbiologist Olena Moshynets: “Doctors sincerely believe that in a situation where the antibiotic does not work, the patient is to blame”

How to choose a university if you love mathematics and physics?

How to choose the best vaccine against coronavirus or how humus saves from COVID

Ukraїner explores Ukrainian Australia: an interesting story by Olga Oleynikova

Who stimulates domestic science and should we expect a Ukrainian vaccine against coronaviruses?

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the National Research Foundation of Ukraine signed a Memorandum of Partnership and Cooperation

Check Einstein and fight COVID. What government money is spent on in science

What to do so that scientists do not leave the country – the scientist gave the answer


Anatoliy ZAGORODNIY: “The Academy has a huge potential, and the national interest of Ukraine is to realize it”

Rodents gain weight from food with amplifiers of taste and smell – Scientist Maria Bailyak

11 questions about the path and realities of Ukrainian science

The best biologist from Prykarpattia – for studying ways to slow down the aging of the human body

About physics lessons on TV, the struggle for Ukrainian talents and German-Ukrainian cooperation

When will the Ukrainian COVID vaccine appear: the Ministry of Health told the details