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Directorate of the Foundation

The Directorate of the Foundation is the executive body of the Foundation, headed by the Executive Director.

The Directorate of the Foundation:

  • carries out scientific-organizational activity, directed on the methodical, organizational and financial support of competitive basic, applied scientific researches and scientific-technical (experimental) developments;
  • submits proposals to the Scientific Council of the Foundation for the development and support of major areas of scientific activity, individual programs and projects, and their financing;
    provides technical and organizational support for the Fund’s conducting and organization of competitions;
  • carries out legal, organizational, documentary, informational, expert-analytical, financial and logistical support of the Fund’s activity;
  • creates and maintains a database of research and development funded or funded by the Fund;
  • develops the procedure for formation and use of the Fund’s funds;
  • prepares materials and organizes meetings of the Scientific Council of the Foundation.

The Executive Director of the Foundation:

  • organizes the work of the Directorate of the Foundation, makes decisions on the ongoing activities of the Foundation and ensures the implementation of decisions of the Scientific Council of the Foundation;
  • represents the Fund in the National Council for the Development of Science and Technology, in state bodies, local self-government bodies, in international relations, as well as in relations with other legal and natural persons, issues a legal order on behalf of the Fund;
  • reports to the Scientific Council of the Foundation on the activities of the Directorate of the Foundation on matters within the competence of the Scientific Council of the Foundation;
  • participates with the advisory vote in the work of the Scientific Council of the Foundation.

On September 25, 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a decision appointing the Executive Director of the Fund. This position was occupied by a senior research fellow at the Institute of Food Biotechnology and Genomics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Boris Sorochinsky, PhD.

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