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The mission and purpose of the National Research Foundation of Ukraine

The National Research Foundation of Ukraine (hereinafter – the Foundation) is a state budgetary institution established by the Government of Ukraine in 2018 in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Scientific and Scientific-technical Activities”. According to the legislation, the Foundation is a special instrument for the implementation of state policy. The Foundation funds the activities aimed at the all-round development of Ukrainian science as a major factor in the economic growth of the state. The activity of the Foundation is aimed at creating favorable conditions, that help citizens to realize  their intellectual potential in the field of scientific and scientific-technical activity. The basic principles of funding and supporting grant-holders are competitiveness and scientific leadership.

The main objectives of the Foundation are:

1. stimulation of fundamental and applied scientific researches, development of the national research area and its integration into the world research area;

2. development of research infrastructure in Ukraine and its integration into the world research infrastructure;

3. promotion:

1) establishing scientific and technical cooperation between scientific institutions, higher education institutions and representatives of the manufacture and service sectors;

2) international exchange of information and scientists, involvement of student and student youth in scientific and scientific and technical activities;

3) production-oriented (branch) scientific institutions by organizing call at the request of central executive bodies or other customers, provided that such central bodies of executive power or the customers of the corresponding funds are allocated;

4. popularization of scientific and scientific-technical activity.

Using such kind of approach for science promoting as a science grants helps to concentrate an active and productive part of researchers and scientists around the most important and actual tasks of modern science.

The basic principles that guide the Foundation in its activities are:

• maximal openness and transparency;• independence and objectivity of scientific and scientific and technical expertise of research and development projects;

• respect for copyright and related rights, as well as the principles of scientific ethics;

• compliance with the principles of fair call;·  preventing conflicts of interest in the selection of members of the Foundation’s governing bodies and in the organization of competitive selection and financing of research and development projects.

The main task of the Foundation is to organize and conduct open competitive selection of projects, which will be financed by grant support, with mandatory carrying out of independent and objective scientific and scientific-technical expertise, including involvement of foreign experts, and further organizational and financial support those projects, that became winners of competitive selection.   Implementation of this task allows to develop and bring into practice scientific and technological developments and to form new powerful research and scientific potential in priority directions of development of science and technologies.

The types of grant support provided by the Foundation are:

• individual grants;

• collective grants;

• institutional grants.

The main areas of grant support include:

• carrying out research and development;

• development of high-level logistical base for scientific research and development;

• development of scientific cooperation, including scientific mobility, organization, holding and participation in conferences, symposiums, joint research of universities and scientific institutions, etc.;

• scientific training of researchers, graduate students and doctoral students, including abroad;

• creating, operating and developing  research infrastructure;• knowledge transfer and dissemination;

• supporting young scientists’ projects;

• supporting  activities that involve young people in science and technology;

• popularization of science.

The Foundation’s financial resources are formed by:

• state budget funds;

• voluntary contributions from legal entities and individuals, including non-residents of Ukraine;

• other sources not prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine.

In order to ensure efficient and rational use of budgetary funds, the Foundation introduces transparent procedures for competitive project selection, which minimize the impact of the human factor on the distribution of financial resources, giving a considerable part of the selection functions to automated algorithms of electronic information systems.