17 May 2024 in 10:04

This is a reminder that on the occasion of the Science Day in Ukraine the information event ‘Integration of Ukraine into the Global Research Area’ will ...

16 May 2024 in 14:51

The NRFU participated in the General Assembly of Science Europe
On May 15, 2024, the General Assembly of Science Europe took place at the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) in Brussels. The main purpose of the Gen...

in 11:13

Happy Vyshyvanka Day!
In every vyshyvanka, there is pride, beauty, and the inexhaustible strength of the Ukrainian spirit. Today, we wear vyshyvankas not only as a symbol ...

Funding directions

Research and development projects

The National Research Foundation selects and funds, on a competitive basis, research and development projects in all research areas, including natural, technical, social and humanitarian. In order to systematize and analyze the results obtained during the implementation of projects that received...

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Development of material and technical base and research infrastructure

The issues of technical equipment for scientific and research activities, the availability and supply of the most modern and advanced equipment and technologies to be needed for the implementation of scientific research and developments, and the creating, operation and development of research...

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Research cooperation

The development of national and international research cooperation is an important part of the tasks assigned to the National Research Foundation of Ukraine. Increasing the level of scientific mobility of national scholars and researchers, enabling them to become more actively involved in...

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Knowledge transfer and popularization of research

In today’s dynamic world, knowledge is a crucial resource that allows achieving and retaining competitive advantage in any imaginary or real leadership race. Recognizing the important role played by scientific information and knowledge in the social and economic life of the country, the...

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Projects of young researchers

Taking into account the crucial role of financial support for the initiatives of young researchers in the development of the scientific potential of the state in the long term perspective, the National Research Foundation provides grant support for projects of early career researchers, as well as...

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Other directions

Within activity of the National Research Foundation, the state financial support is provided for other scientific directions and projects, which are determined by the Scientific Council of the Foundation as an important and necessary projects for certain economics fields or entire...

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2023.05 “Infrastructures for advanced research”

Call is open

Оцінювання проєктів

Визначення переможців


2023.03 Excellent Science in Ukraine

Прийом заявок


Подати заявку

Оцінювання проєктів

Визначення переможців

Статус конкурсу

Прийом заявок

2023.01 Ukrainian-Swiss Joint Research Projects: Call for Proposals 2023

Registartion is open until

December 12, 2023


Project evaluation

until 2024-09-12 by SNSF


to be annonced late 2024

Статус конкурсу

Open for applications