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Guide for experts registration and project evaluation

WARNING! There are minimum technical requirements for Internet browsers for the proper registration of the expert in the “Expert’s registration program”:

Opera – version not lower than 47, the current version is available at the developer’s website;
Firefox – version not lower than 55.0, the current version is available at the developer’s website;
Chrome – version not lower than 74, the current version is available at the developer’s website;
Microsoft Edge version not lower than 80, the current version is available at the developer’s website;
Safari version not lower than 13, the current version is available at the developer’s website.
Internet Explorer is not supported! Please use another browser!

Minimum requirements for other browsers are being specified!

This guide contains two main blocks and aimed for :

  1. Registration of personal profile
  2. Evaluation of the proposed projects


To become an expert of the National Research Foundation of Ukraine it is necessary to sign up in the system and fill out the questionnaire. For this you can choose one of the options on the official Foundation webpage.

On the authorization page, select the language you wish to fill out the form
(Ukrainian or English).
There are two options to authorize or register in the “Expert’s registration program”:
– through the Integrated Electronic Identification System (service id.gov.ua) – if you have a Ukrainian bank account or contract sim card;
– via email.

Registration / Authorization through SERVICE ID.GOV.UA

If the service id.gov.ua is used, you can choose one of the proposed ways of the identification via a BANK ID, MOBILE ID or file carrier with an electronic key. The chosen way of identification should be used every next time for entering into the “Expert’s registration program”. More information on this authorization method can be found at the service id.gov.ua page.

Attention! Bank ID, Mobile ID or file carrier with an electronic key should be provided by Ukrainian operators or bodies.

Registration / Authorization through E-MAIL

ATTENTION! Visiting the “Expert’s registration program” first time, you need to register. To register, select the button “Sign up now”.

Next, enter the email address to which you will receive the verification code for registration, click the “Send Verification Code” button, then check your email you provide earlier and copy the 6-digit verification code you received.

Be careful, copy only numbers without spaces! Enter the verification code in the appropriate field and press the “Confirm code” button. If you have problems submitting your code, click on the “Send New Code” button on the system and enter your new code.

Once your address is verified, enter your password and its confirmation below. This is the password that you will use to sign in. Please note the password complexity requirements (will be highlighted in red while entering password). Then click on the “Create” button to complete registration.

Attention! The “Change email” button should be used only if you decide to change your previously registered and verified address. The button is optional and should be used as needed only. Every next time, if you are already registered, use the email address and your password you entered during registration.

Protection of personal information

The system uses personal data. Personal data are not published anywhere, properly protected and used by the system only for its direct purpose and in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection”.

Filling the personal profile questionnaire

Fill out the questionnaire by filling mandatory fields in the sections of the expert’s personal profile:


Mandatory fields

  1. “Title” ;
  2. “Last name” ;
  3. “First name”;
  4. “Country of Permanent Residence” ;
  5. “Email” ;


Mandatory fields

  1. “Scientific-research profile (Orcid, Google Scholar, Scopus authors, etc)”   – Provide an active link (s) to the corresponding profile separated with a semicolon;


Mandatory fields

  1. “Specialisation” – Choose a specialty from the proposed options (you can enter the first letters of the specialty to shorten the list);
  2. “Number of publications in the field of expertise” ;
  3. “Keywords”  – Provide up to 10 comma-separated keywords for your specialty;
  4. “DOI” (link); – please, note that not all DOI can be automatically processed
  5. “Keywords” ;

Section 4. “EDUCATION

No mandatory fields in this section


Mandatory fields

    1. “Name of an institution”;
    2. “Position”;
    3. Institution’s EDRPOU code (Please enter 00000000 – 8 zero’s)

    Block: Employment period:

    1. Date of employment  –  if you are using Firefox or Chrome type only numbers and do not use any symbols like “.” or “/”. For Safari browser use “-” symbol and date format like  yyyy-mm-dd;
    2. Date of dismissal/Current employment. (If you presently working in the same institution).

    Block: Institution’s Address:

    1. City;
    2. Country;
    3. Zip Code;
    4. Street, building;


Mandatory fields

  1. “Scholarly/research degree”;


No mandatory fields in this section



ATTENTION! All mandatory fields marked with a star *.

Preview of the personal profile

After completing the last section, you can verify the completed questionnaire before it will be submitted to the Foundation for consideration.
There are two fields for filling in (optional):

  1. “Could you recommend other potential experts?”
  2. “Consent to conduct project review free of charge”

If some data in the profile are incorrect, you can return to the filling in the questionnaire clicking on the button “Back”.


If the data in your profile is correct, you can submit your profile to the Foundation by clicking on the button “Submit” in the section “Submit questionnaire”. After that, you will be informed about the successful submission of the completed questionnaire.

Registered experts may obtain the request from the Call Commission about the evaluation of the projects submitted to the Foundation.


After the Call Commission of the Foundation addresses you via e-mail with a request for project evaluation you will be able to get acquainted with short description of the offered projects in the section “Applications for evaluation”.  We will ask for confirmation of your consent on project evaluation and your agreement with:

  • Principles of Research Ethics and Conflict of Interests Prevention;
  • Non-Disclosure Commitment;
  • Accession Agreement.

We also ask you to send us a copy of  your Document on awarding the scientific degree and Statement on the presence/absence of a conflict of interests (download template). In case you refuse to evaluate the project or have a conflict of interest regarding the proposed project we ask you to indicate above by the comment and push the “Refuse” button.

After approving your status by the moderator the evaluation form and complete text of the project will be available in the section “Applications for evaluation”. Call Commission may contact the expert using comments at the bottom of the evaluation form after its submission.

Please find more information about the evaluation algorithm in the guide for expert evaluation.