30 December 2020 16:15

Results of 2020: top 5 achievements of the NRFU

Traditionally, the end of the year is a time to evaluate and summarize the work done. 2020 was full of many events and challenges and became a year of trials for the whole world.

The year 2020 was significant for the National Research Foundation, as we managed to hold the first competitions of research projects in the history of the Foundation.

We would like to share the most important achievements of the Foundation in 2020. They are some of them below.

  1. 2 competitions of research projects “Science for the Safety of Human and Society” and “Support for Research of Leading and Young Scientists” with a total budget of UAH 255.3 million were held.
    Implementation of the grant system funding for research and development is not only reforming the scientific and technical sector, but also effective investment in the country’s future.
  2. The database of the Foundation’s experts was created.
    Proper expertise is an important component of the competitive selection of research and development projects. The constant expansion of the database of experts (including foreign ones) is a guarantee of high quality and transparency of expertise and a priority task for the Foundation.
  3. 12+ online meetings with representatives of leading European research organizations and representatives of diplomatic missions in Ukraine were held.
    Establishing an international partnership is necessary for the integration of the Ukrainian research area into the international one.
  4. Cooperation agreement with the German Research Society (DFG) was signed.
    DFG is a strategically important partner for the Foundation. We believe that in the future our cooperation will lead to joint competitions for research projects and other forms of scientific cooperation.
  5. Rebranding.
    The visual component is an important part of the external and internal communications of the Foundation with scientists, government agencies, foreign research institutions and potential partners; as well as in communicating our mission and values.

We thank the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, Committee on Education, Science and Innovations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Scientific Committee of the National Council of Ukraine for Science and Technology Development for support of the Foundation.

2021 is ahead, as well as many new plans, projects, achievements and challenges that will contribute to the mission of the National Research Foundation – the development of national science and maximizing the potential of Ukrainian researchers.

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