25 February 2022 15:51

You can help Ukraine!

The National Research Foundation of Ukraine would like to address foreign researchers, our partners, experts, and colleagues.

We would like you to hear our voice, the voice of Ukrainian people.

The situation in our country is now developing very fast. Yesterday military troops of the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine from the territory of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, the unrecognized republic of Pridnestrovie (Transnistria) as well as from the Black and the Azov Seas. Despite numerous attempts at classifying the invasion as ‘a local conflict’, ‘special-forces raid’, or ‘Ukrainian crisis’, the only correct term that covers what is going on is a full-scale war.

This act of aggression from our neighboring states is a gross violation of international law and sovereignty of Ukraine. And what is more, it is direct menace to European and world security as well as to principles of freedom and democracy. This act of aggression has already resulted in a humanitarian crisis the scale of which is now impossible to predict.

At the time of this turbulence, grief, uncertainty and darkness, the people of Ukraine are demonstrating unprecedented unity and courage fighting against the aggressor. Being a European country and sharing basic principles of the democratic world, we would like to address everyone, and especially the world research community for support.

The support can take different forms such as:
– informing citizens and governments of your countries of what is now happening in Ukraine;
– resisting the huge disinformation campaign of Russian state media;
– lobbying for immediate sanctions on the aggressor, including cutting off the SWIFT service and embargo on the import of Russian energy commodities;
– lobbying for a No-Fly Zone over Ukraine, which would dramatically improve the chances of the Military Forces of Ukraine for controlling the situation on land;
– supplying weapons and equipment to Ukraine;
– financial and humanitarian aid.

With all the above being said, the main thing we are asking the world community for is to be heard and to condemn the act of unleashing the war by Russia.
Stand with Ukraine!

#UkraineUnderAttack #RussiaInvadedUkraine

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