20 July 2023 10:21

The NRFU nominates Ukrainian female researchers to the international database AcademiaNet

Last fall the National Research Foundation of Ukraine signed an Agreement on the nomination of Ukrainian female researchers to the international database AcademiaNet. Under the Agreement, the Scientific Council of the Foundation identified specific selection criteria which include:

  • outstanding research achievements (depending on the field: publications, prizes and awards, grants awarded, patents, invitations to speak at conferences, etc;)
  • independent managerial activities;
  • achievements in scientific and technical activities;
  • additional criteria (balance of family and research career, international experience, positions as a visiting professor, teaching activities, social activities, participation in research and university committees/commissions, etc.)

Applications were accepted from February 21 to April 1, 2023. A total of 46 applications were received. 32 candidates of these were selected by the Scientific Council, namely:

  1. Nataliia Atamas
  2. Oksana Bersirova
  3. Tetiana Dontsova
  4. Tetiana Fedoniuk
  5. Olga Iermakova
  6. Ganna Kharlamova
  7. Lesya Kobylinska
  8. Olena Kotykova
  9. Olena Kovalenko
  10. Nataliia Kussul
  11. Inna Melnyk
  12. Iryna Mihus
  13. Olesya Nakonechna
  14. Valeriia Pinchuk
  15. Nataliya Shakhovska
  16. Anastasiia Simakhova
  17. Liliia Timofieieva
  18. Nataliya Vnukova
  19. Tetyana Yakhontova
  20. Svitlana Yermak
  21. Tetiana Prikhna
  22. Oksana Sulaieva
  23. Anna Boyarska-Khomenko
  24. Oksana Kis
  25. Maryna Skok
  26. Alla Yemets
  27. Olena Kashuba
  28. Svitlana Zhabotynska
  29. Olga Kutsenko
  30. Nadiya Boyko
  31. Olena Kolosnichenko
  32. Victoria Rodinkova

Congratulations to the nominees!

Spektrum der Wissenschaft publishing then creates a basic profile for each nominee. Afterwards, the nominees are invited via e-mail to fill and activate their profile as well as enter additional information (autobiography, list of publications, research interests, etc.). Profiles will be published only after the nominees’ consent.

The National Research Foundation of Ukraine will annually nominate to the international database AcademiaNet female researchers who have experience of direct professional relations with the NRFU (in particular, female members of the NRFU Scientific Council and Supervisory Board, calls commissions, PIs of the winning projects of NRFU calls, experts who participated in the assessment of applications submitted for NRFU calls.

The NRFU is committed to raising visibility and prestige of Ukrainian female researchers in the world!

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