31 August 2023 10:32

Postdoctoral Fellowships from the Lithuanian Research Council

The Lithuanian Research Council, promoting the development of the system of internships for young scientists after doctoral studies and raising the scientific qualifications of interns, announces a call for proposals for the projects of posdoctoral studies.

THE PURPOSE of the activity is to support post-doctoral fellowship studies.

BUDGET of this call: about 10 mln Eur

All APPLICATIONS will be divided into three parts:

  1. applications in the fields of humanities and social sciences;
  2. applications in the fields of stage and screen and visual arts;
  3. applications in the fields of natural, technological, medical and health and agricultural sciences.

In each of these parts, the applications can be divided into groups of applications, taking into account the fields of science indicated in the applications and the topics of the projects.

DEADLINE for submition of the applications: 30 September 2023

Find MORE INFORMATION on the official website of the Lithuanian Research Council.


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