20 March 2023 12:46

Ukraine Seminar on Fundamental Physics

Dear colleagues,

Supported by the National Research Foundation of Ukraine at the initiative of Neil Turok (University of Edinburgh, UK and Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Canada), Mikhail Shaposhnikov (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland), and Stanislav Vilchynskii (Head of the National Research Foundation of Ukraine), we are organizing an online seminar series, the Ukraine Seminar on Fundamental Physics.

It is intended to promote scientific interaction with Ukrainian scientists during wartime andto lay the foundation for future scientific collaborations and exchange visits.

The seminar series will highlight the latest developments in fundamental physics, spanning particle physics to gravity and cosmology, and the evolution of our Universe on both the smallest and largest scales.

You can find all information about this seminar series on this web-page.

Today we are happy to announce the 1st Seminar in the series which will be held on Thursday, March 23, at 4pm CET (3pm GMT, 5pm EET, 10 am EST).

Our first speaker is Prof. Astrid Eichhorn from University of Southern Denmark (Odense, Denmark).

Title of the talk: Connecting quantum gravity and particle physics: why and how?

Abstract: Proposals for quantum gravity theories must be tested by confronting them with observational data. I will argue that this is achievable by exploring the interplay of quantum gravity with matter, both in and beyond the Standard Model. At the same time, the interplay with quantum gravity may provide us with explanations for some of the mysteries of particle physics. For instance, free parameters of the Standard Model may become calculable from the first principles in the quantum theory of gravity and matter. As a second example, the vast space of phenomenological models for dark matter may be reduced to just a small handful of possibilities, giving us insight into the nature of dark matter. To illustrate these ideas, I will introduce the theory of asymptotically safe quantum gravity with matter and review evidence that it could have explanatory power in and beyond the Standard Model.

The seminar will run online via the following Zoom-link: 

Meeting ID: 845 8396 6061
Passcode: usfp2023

You are very welcome to join our seminar and Q&A session.

Please, share this information with your colleagues who may be interested in fundamental physics.

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